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IBW Sales Farm

IBW Sales Farm is family owned located in Georgetown, Texas. Owners Walter and Amanda’s mission is to provide their customers with the best premium products on the market.

Our produce includes fruits, vegetables, and eggs. We also offer many hand crafted items as well as several tools needed for your own garden.


A testimonial to gardening by Alan Broughton
I was a medical doctor in the British Royal Air force, a professor at the University of Texas and then owned a clinical pathology laboratory before retiring in 2000. At that time my wife, Janet, and I had in a condominium in California. Life in the condominium wasn’t what you would call active, lots of sleeping, TV watching, and weight gain. As a consequence my health started to suffer.

In 2005 we moved back to Texas and purchased 2 acres of land. My life changed, I started a garden and gardening became a daily activity. As a result of the garden we now enjoy family meals with fresh home grown vegetables. The excess we share with family and friends. Gardening produced friendly competition with my daughter, each trying to out produce the other. This obviously keeps both of us on our toes. The exercise of gardening improved my health and quality of life, and at 76 I hope to enjoy many more years of it.

See the building of the Greenhouse

Who’s Alan Broughton? Alan is my father-in-law. Last year the family got together and built a greenhouse at his place. It is ideal for starting seeds early and gives the potted plants a place to ride out the winter.

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